American Energy Leadership

The United States can and must once again be the world's energy powerhouse. With pro-growth, pro-business entrepreneurs like Jim Rubens in the US Senate, we will once again unleash American ingenuity to produce and develop energy and new energy technology to power the next phase of American prosperity. Doing so, we will stabilize and reduce energy costs, reduce our balance of trade deficit, reduce pollution, and end free-world reliance on petroleum imported from OPEC and hostile nations such as Russia and Iran.

The stage is now set for American innovators and entrepreneurs to deliver on the promise of clean, abundant, low-cost energy. We now enjoy a multi-decade supply of clean natural gas to use as a bridge fuel and the know how to produce it without polluting our air or water. In New Hampshire, clean energy sources such as wood pellet fuel, solar, and bedrock geothermal are now cost competitive without subsidies. Costs for solar cells and terrestrial wind (which must be subject to local resident approval) continue to drop at a rapid rate.

Given continuing fossil fuel price volatility, supply disruptions, and oil at about $100 per barrel over the past three years, venture-backed and private innovators have the price signals and can now marshal the resources to push forward with research and commercialization of frontier clean energy technologies such as advanced batteries, ocean thermal power, modular nuclear, and deep ocean wind (which blows 24/7 and can't be seen from the shore).

Jim Rubens' Plan: Let Markets Work

To accelerate development of these new and emerging clean energy sources, Jim Rubens backs ending all federal energy subsidies (including subsidies, tax preferences, and supply and production mandates) for coal, oil, gas, nuclear, wind, solar, biomass, ethanol fuels, etc. Markets – not government bureaucrats or energy lobbyists – must be left free to determine which energy sources meet the varying and changing needs of energy consumers.

Jim Rubens' free-market approach removes power from Washington and reduces energy market distortions that lead to poorly located windfarms and uneconomic nuclear plant construction, for example.

The Shaheen/Obama Big Government Energy Agenda

The Obama/Shaheen energy agenda would entangle the energy marketplace in a thicket of complex regulation and corporate cronyism. Over the past four years, Jeanne Shaheen and President Obama have backed two big-government global warming plans, both opposed by virtually all Republicans in Congress.

First came cap & trade (on the Senate side, the Kerry-Boxer bill S.1733), a 1,758-page monster, written by industry lobbyists, packed with special interest carve-outs and payoffs, bureaucratic convolution, and energy market distortions. 

On deck now is the impending Environmental Protection Agency regulation of power plant carbon dioxide emissions, as authorized by the Supreme Court in 2007. Far too much power has been shifted over past decades from Congress to federal regulators in a tangled, alphabet soup of sprawling, unaccountable agencies.

Global Warming: Hoax or Reality?

Jim Rubens agrees with the majority of New Hampshire residents who, by 54 to 36 percent, believe that global warming is happening and is caused mainly by human activity versus natural phenomena. Broken down by party, nearly 90 percent of Democrats, 50 percent of independents, and 30 percent of Republicans hold this view. A majority of young Republicans also believe in human-caused global warming.

Whatever your view, Republicans must be mindful that a majority of voters and half of independents do believe in human-caused global warming. These voters use belief in global warming as a proxy for candidate credibility on other issues. Without winning elections, we cannot advance the conservative agenda of growing the private sector economy, putting America's fiscal house in order, and downsizing big government. Jim Rubens' energy policy is consistent with all of these ideals, unleashing free markets to deliver cleaner energy at lower cost and addressing global warming for those concerned about it.